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Be happy & Company can assist you to incorporate a limited company. Our procedures include a search of registered companies’ names in ‘current and recently dissolved’ register and the ‘proposed names’ register to confirm availability of your proposed company name, preparation and submission of the following four documents to Companies House together with the relevant filing fee:

Form 10:

This will contain the intended situation of the Registered Office, (this will be either in England and Wales, or Scotland) and the details of the consenting Secretary and Director(s).

Form 12:
This is the declaration of compliance with the Companies Act in respect of the registration, and must be signed in the presence of a Solicitor, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.

Memorandum of Association:

This states the company name, the situation of the Registered Office (to be England and Wales, Scotland or Wales), the objects of the company and its liability.

Articles of Association:

This gives the internal management affairs and running of the company. Each subscriber to the shares should sign this.

Why Incorporate a Company?
A sole proprietor is liable to the full extent of his or her personal assets for the liabilities of the business. To reduce this risk, companies are incorporated to limit the liability of the owners. A corporation is an entity separate and distinct from the shareholders whose liability is limited to the extent of the money invested by the shareholders. Corporations are managed by the directors.

Advantages of incorporation

1.  perpetual existence
2.  flexibility for financing
3.  liability of the owners is limited
4. assumption of risk by each shareholder is reduced

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