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Our Services

We work with small and large businesses to help them to develop tactical business development and marketing plans, which help to turn their strategic plan and vision for the business into a reality.  We can help you to decide the best way to get your business up and running, or if you already manage an established business, we can help you to move it to the next level. We can provide consultancy and advice on the following areas where our expert help is available:

  1. Business Plan & Business start-up
  2. Business Management
  3. Purchase or sale of  Business
  4. Project Viability Assessments
  5. Valuations of unquoted Companies
  6. Cash Flow Projections and Budget Statements
  7. Employment issues
  8. Venture Capital - Business Expansion
  9. Raising Finance
  10. Setting Up Accounting Systems
  11. Acquisition of Fixed Assets
  12. Leasing / Hire Purchase